When ordering, you are to choose any 5 of the dishes on our menu. These items are already included in your order:

  • Your Choice of one Rice:

    • Traditional Seasoned Rice topped with Carrots and Raisins

    • Traditional Spinach Rice

  • Bread

  • Salad

  • House Sauces

    • Coriander Chutney (contains nuts)

    • Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

    • Tundak (tomato based sauce with nigella seeds)

Here are some guidelines:

  • Please inquire at least two weeks in advance for your catering order.

  • Please inform the owner of any allergies or special diets.

  • Minimum of 20 guests.

  • It is possible to rent out our dining room for your catering order (extra charge). This means that you will have the dining room to yourselves, and are free to move around as you please. Inquire when placing order.

    • Maximum of 45 guests when renting out the dining room.

    • You are allowed to bring a special cake for the event if you choose. No other desserts or food items can be brought in.

    • We are a Bring-Your-Own-Booze restaurant, so feel free to bring in any alcoholic drinks, and only alcoholic drinks (this means no juice or soda).

    • You are allowed to bring in an mp3 device and play your own music. It can be any kind of music, just be mindful and respectful towards both the staff and your guests.

    • After the event, we encourage everyone to take food home! If dining in at the restaurant, we provide boxes and bags for your convenience.

  • Massachusetts State Tax is added, as well as 20% Gratuity!

***Catering orders must be made for the intended number of guests only. We need an exact number of guests at least five days before the event, no extreme changes will be allowed after that point in time. If more guests arrive than promised, your bill will be adjusted accordingly. Call or email the owner/chef for more information***

  • restaurant number: 1-508-755-7333

Thank you for considering placing a catering order!