Farsi Phrases For You To Try:

  • Hello - Salaam
  • How are you? - Chitor Hasti?
  • Thank You - Tashakur
  • You're Welcome - Khush Amaden
  • Good - Khub
  • Very Good - Bisyar Khub
  • I'm Hungry - Gushna Astum
  • I'm Thirsty - Tushna Astum
  • I'm Full -  Saire Shudaam
  • Excuse Me - Bubakh Shen
  • Goodbye - Bamaan-e-Khuda

Etiquette (not necessary to perform at the restaurant): 

Hospitality means a great deal to Afghans, no matter who you may be. If you are a guest in an Afghan household, you will be treated with the highest honor and given the best the family can offer, even if the family has to go without. 

"Family" is one of the most important aspects of our culture. Fathers were the main source of income. Mothers would, most often be at home taking care of the children and doing chores around the household, including educating the children, cooking, gardening, laundry, and so on. Children would always respect their parents. When the mother and father grew old, it was up to the eldest child, to care for them. 

As a greeting, one would place their right hand over their heart. 

You were only allowed to join in a conversation if you were spoken to by an elder first. It was disrespectful to interrupt anyone while they were talking.

Food Preparation

Food is always handled with the utmost respect. It is always the main objective in gatherings and social events, where it is usually served family-style. Elders always make sure children and guests are served first and the hosts would always eat after everyone else has been feed.

All vegetables were grown organic and picked fresh from farms and fields daily. These foods were cooked the same day. Meat products were available daily, only early in the morning until 10 am from local butcher shops.